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Antica Sartoria Positano

Tel.: +39 081 5109 088 / Fax.: +39 081 8269 574
P.IVA 03618830651

New logistc base is at:

Cis Nola
Via Boscofangone
Blocco 3 Isola 1 Lotto 160/162
80035 Nola (NA)


Who comes to Positano along a winding road that runs along a rocky wall full of Mediterranean vegetation: clumps of gorse and rosemary sprouting along the rugged coast that is the setting for a crystal clear green sea. Suddenly, opens an unforgettable scene, vision between the myth and the dream: Positano.

The Philosophy

Linked to the typical Mediterranean style and the cult of beauty, Antica Sartoria Srl is a fashion brand in the market for 15 years. Unmistakably this style recognizes and loves. We produce all over the world and sell to the world, but with the heart, the culture and spirit of Positano.