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The Stylist

Giacomo Cinque

Unmistakable it is not a passing fashion. This style is recognized and loved. It is a magic partnership between the age-old skills of the Indian cotton and silk artisans, expert embroiderers and Giacomo Cinque’s creativity that gives life to this fashion that dressing women let imagine mermaids that can captivate the most reluctant Ulisse… shortly a “cult” or good luck talisman.

Giacomo Cinque was born in Positano. As a child he lived in fantastic 70’s, as a sponge absorbs all the “positive energy” and colourful era. Grew every day more and more in him a passion for the clothing going through a laboratory curiosity to another, which at that time stood up like mushrooms just in Positano where he lived. That was the time of free love, flower children, the time of the “pieces” made with handkerchiefs, pieces of old kits and gauze.

Attended the academy of fashion, the history of art and costume techniques: prints, designer, cartamodellista, tailor, fabrics, colors and yarns will be his world. In the early 80’s became a phenomenon and fashion coveted by all local companies and buyers from all over the world, so to be courted like a star.

Tenacity, taste, technique, passion, insight, humility and love for their work, they are the right ingredients for success.

After working for almost all companies in Positano, as a designer decides to produce his own line. Move the production of Positano in India, Along with creating the brand Riccardo Ruggiti “Antica Sartoria of Positano” which today sells it’s products in all stores located close the seas of the world or where, for the beauty of the place and culture are holidays and parties. Loves identified as a tailor for the holidays. call him and he will organize a party for you!