1.Preliminary Statement

The following General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply to every order unless particular waiver written and sent by Antica Sartoria srl. Once the order has been finalized it will imply the acceptance of all the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The correct price will be the one indicated on the order acknowledgment that will be given to the client at the trade fair. The prices indicated will not include the VAT and the shipping fee.

Orders will be accepted with the indicated minimum order (where specified). Minimum order € 500 VAT not included.

The methods of payment accepted are:

1. Cash on delivery by cashier’s cheque to Antica Sartoria (only Italy);
2. COD cash ( only Italy)
3. Advanced wire transfer;
4. By Credit card on PAY PAL section on our web page

In the case of a wire transfer the customer is invited to send the wire transfer receipt so as to shorten the schedule. We will then send the receipt to our bank waiting for verification and then proceed with the shipment.
It is to be understood that we are pleased to provide this service but simply as a gesture of good will to our clients, we cannot be held responsible for any problem which could occur if the bank delays to verify the wire transfer. In every case, the time limit for a bank transfer is more or less three working days from the moment the wire transfer is carried out. The shipment of the goods, at the earliest, will be dispatched after the period of verification on the part of the bank. The balance payment of the goods shall be done within May 31.

5.Shipping fee and insurance
The shipping fee, the insurance of the goods and all the other risks derived from shipping are to be paid by the buyer.

6. Order dispatch
It will be our duty to dispatch the orders as soon as we can with accordance to the schedule given by our clients at the time of ordering. The dispatch times will change according to the availability and type of the ordered goods.

7.Return or exchange of goods
In every case, if goods are to be returned this has to first be authorized by Antica Sartoria srl.
You can ask to return goods because of mistaken supplying. In the case of mistaken supplying you can replace with other goods available from the current seasons collection. The request has to be carried out within 7 days of receiving the goods. After the request, if authorized, the client will be given the ARM number for the return. The client will ship the goods with a RETURN NOTE (ARM) to the address provided clearly indicating the given ARM number on the box. The shipping will be paid by the client, otherwise it will not be accepted by the returns department.
In the case of replacement of the goods because of mistaken supplying, the client will place a new order indicating the goods to be sent instead. This will be done at the same time as asking for the authorization for the return.
The two accountability procedures will be worked separately. Following the return of the goods there will be a credit note without shipping fee. the client will then be sent the new order confirmation that will amount to the same value or more of the returned goods and will be indicated any difference still to be paid.

8.Return of the goods due to damage during shipping
The return of goods can also be requested if damaged during shipment. Antica Sartoria srl ships its goods with its own personalized scotch tape and boxes which means that it is very easy to identify if the box has been tampered with. In this case we invite our clients to accept the box only if the courier makes a note on the waybill that the box has been accepted with reservation to verify and quantify any damage so as to ask for reimbursement if necessary. If the courier refuses to verbalize what occurred, the box can be refused and sent back for reasons of damage of the contents and this has to be communicated immediately to Antica Sartoria srl.

9. Order confirmation. 
The order must be confirmed paing right away 10% of the totally amount by credit card or cash, exceptionally could be confirmed within 30 days from document’s date by bank transfer of the 30% of total amount.
In case of cancellation the confirmation deposit will be retained from the Company as compensation for the missing withdrawal of products.

10. Order cancellation
Antica Sartoria reserves the right to split the present contract of a sale within 90 days from the signing of the same, returning the deposit to the client

11.Order cancellation
The order may be cancelled by the client within 30 days from its acceptance and signing, sending an email at info@anticasartoriapositano.it or fax at 0039 (0)81/8269574, observing what mentioned at point 9.